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Call for research partners

Call for research partners

As CFCFE approaches its second birthday, we want to accelerate our research outputs for our members and the wider community finance sector. To date, CFCFE directors have produced several papers (here), but we want more output and more diversity of voices. If you are a r

Where does the CEO’s time go?

Where does the CEO’s time go?

Earlier in the year, CFCFE members raised two issues that we decided to investigate through a survey. These issues were: The time and effort they spend managing regulatory and compliance issues, and The difficulty they have in cutting through day-to-day administrative t


Summary of Proceedings, Members Conference 18 January 2019

This is a brief record of the presentations and discussions that took place at our recent conference in Manchester, attended by 100 delegates from the movement in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Romania and Scotland. The report can be downloaded here or by clicking the image to the right. The themes were Collaboration and Communities, with presentations from several practitioners.

A number of key points, practical insights and learning outcomes emerged during the day. At the close, Dr Paul Jones, Director of Research, picked out just a few, including the importance for collaboration of:

  • Clarity about business outcomes
  • Good and effective governance – and the role of the board in driving collaboration
  • Coping with the loss of autonomy
  • Recognising that there is not one sole path to collaboration – there are multiple models and approaches
  • Developing relationships based on trust.

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The Centre for Community Finance Europe works in collaboration with the Research Unit for Financial Inclusion at Liverpool John Moores University.