Understanding and overcoming barriers to save- no one mentioned #creditunions employer payroll deduction, save as you borrow & that they are for everyone #TalkMoney

Under an EU deposit insurance, German credit cooperatives would be liable for those banks as well - without the preventive measures and safeguards of their 80 years old self-organized protection scheme:

Really enjoyed debating why #debt *can* be good, where it's exploitation and how problems can be fixed (#creditunions!) with @BankJobPictures @FieldsDesiree @seroddy @MrPtrickyD. Thx @alexia_yates & ismail erturk @ESRC #festivalofideas

Thread 1of 2: @BigIssueInvest @johnbirdswords Rent data sharing analysis for York council by @Experian in 2014 reported tenants with good rent payment records improved their credit scores by only 50 points. But those with arrears saw scores worsen by between 90 and 140 points.

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